Tamper evident closures TE2/3 (two-part)

On the basis of a cap with a separately injection moulded and mounted Tamper-evident ring, we are offering a user friendly and particularly dimensionally stable solution. The closure design with the outside edge with good grip, easy operation for end consumers in functional terms and recognition of initial opening for protection of your packaging.

Two-part Tamper evident closure with externally mounted Tamper evident ring.


  • Recognition of initial opening (greater safety)
  • good grip of the outside edge
  • reliable tightness

Tamper evident closure with internally mounted TE ring. Design of the tamper-evident cap was developed specifically for elder users.


  • tamper-proof, because of the inside mounted Tamper evident ring
  • particular good grip of the outside edge
  • reliable tightness
  • easy and user-friendly handling for end consumers

Various inserts and seals are available:
  • multi-cone
  • liner
  • pourer
  • dropper inserts
  • spatula
  • brushes
  • pipettes

We help to find the right cap for your product!

Data sheet as pdf to the downloading